Easy Listening, Installation View

Easy Listening, Installation View


List of works – viewed clockwise from left

1. Camilla Hannan
As the Bough Breaks, 2013
Dual Headphone Audio
Duration: 7.01 & 8.45

2. Nigel Helyer
Songs from the UnderWorld _V2, 2013
microphone stands, stainless streel, fibreglass, wood, audio actuators.
Two units 2250mm x 2250mm x 500mm

3. PhilipaVeitch
Partisan, 2013
MDF, timber, perspex, telephone handsets, curl cord, MP3 players, sound recording (read by Renate Wanek and Scott Donovan)
dimensions variable

4. Ryszard Dabek
Some Trust All, 2013
books, shelf, digital sound,
dimensions variable

5. Bronia Iwanczak
Twitch / Phantom Limb, 2013
Bound book, wooden shelf, looped digital sound composition
Dimensions variable

6. Lily Hibberd
Sun Slave, 2013
Installation of video and found objects
8:54 minutes
Dimensions variable
Text excerpts from
‘Maria: or, The Wrongs of Woman’ by Mary Wollstonecraft
published after her death in 1798

7. Mark Brown
Field Fragments / Detritical Zone,  2009 – 2011
Found industrial paint fragments, text engravings and pigmentation, piezo-electric contact speakers, sound,
dimensions variable

8. Alex Gawronski
Standards, 2013
aluminium, perspex, speakers, motors, hand-cut records, record players
dimensions variable


Photography by Matthew Stanton