Mark Brown is a Sydney-based sound, installation and photo media artist exploring the phenomenology of space, architecture and acoustic atmospherics. Brown’s practice has evolved into a poetic response to site, critiquing the history and function of architecture by documenting and making manifest unseen and unheard phenomena in space.

Ryszard Dabek is an artist and academic who has exhibited both nationally and internationally. His artistic practice encompasses a range of forms and mediums including video, film, photography and sound. Recent work includes the curatorial project Re:Cinema (Sydney, New York, 2013)  and the solo exhibition Optimum Viewing Distance (I.C.A.N. Sydney 2012). In 2012 Dabek undertook a research residency at the National Film and Sound Archive towards the development of a new body of work based on archival footage of now demolished cinemas. He is a lecturer in the Film & Digital Art studio at Sydney College of the Arts, The University of Sydney.

 Alex Gawronski is an artist, writer and academic based in Sydney. Alongside numerous group exhibitions, Gawronski has held solo exhibitions at Artspace, The Art Gallery of NSW, Performance Space, UTS Art Gallery, Peloton, 55 Sydenham Rd, the Institute of Contemporary Art Newtown (ICAN), Scott Donovan Gallery, Sydney; the Australian Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide; Death be Kind, 200 Gertrude St, Melbourne; The Physics Room, Christchurch, NZ and the British School at Rome, Italy. Gawronski also has a long-standing history as co-founding director of a number of independent artist initiatives. At present he is co-founding director of the Institute of Contemporary Art Newtown (ICAN). Gawronski publishes widely and currently lectures in Painting at Sydney College of the Arts.

 Camilla Hannan is a sound artist based in Melbourne, Australia who works exclusively with field recordings. She processes these recordings into abstract representations of place and experience. She is interested in ideas of the ‘sonic object’ and sonic abstraction. Camilla has performed in Australia, Europe and the U.S.A. She has performed at festivals including Articulating the Medium (San Francisco), Liquid Architecture (Melbourne/Brisbane) and Totally Huge Music Festival (Perth). Her sound installation work has been featured at Instants Chavirés Paris, the Sydney Opera House, San Francisco MOMA, Gertrude Contemporary Art Space, Melbourne and the AC Institute, New York.

Dr Nigel Helyer (a.k.a. DrSonique) is an independent sculptor and sound-artist with an international reputation for large scale sound-sculpture installation, environmental public artwork, museum interactives and new media projects which prompt the community to engage with their cultural histories, identity and sense of place. He is a prominent international figure in the area of art and science collaboration, his poetic works render the abstract conditions of our environment and our complex relationship to it, understandable to a general public.

 Lily Hibberd employs memory and storytelling in interpreting significant historical events and sites. Related projects include ‘Les Aimants’ (2013), ‘Coup de Soleil’ for ‘Build me a city’ at AEAF, ‘The Phone Booth Project’ Western Desert collaboration with Curtis Taylor for ‘We don’t need a map’ at Fremantle Arts Centre (2012), and ‘Benevolent Asylum: just for fun’ with WART for Performance Space’s WALK (2011). Lily is actively involved in producing and supporting critical art writing, and is founding editor of the independent contemporary art journal un Magazine. She holds a PhD in Fine Art and is represented by Galerie de Roussan, Paris.

 Bronia Iwanczak works predominantly with photography and video. Her work has centered around the unmaking and making of ‘worlds’ be it through war, ideological conflict or environmental  degradation. Intersecting sub themes in her work have included social revolution, spiritual imagination, the politics of religion, ritual performance, the consciousness of objects and technology.

Philipa Veitch’s interdisciplinary art practice explores the structural deficits of modernity and the fragility of human endeavor. Her artworks investigate the complex interconnections and radical disjunctions that lie in the interstice between the subjects’ experience of the self and of the world. She has curated numerous exhibitions, and was co-director of Firstdraft (1996-1997) and Loose projects (2006-2007). Upcoming projects include Dark Arts, an exhibition investigating the machinations of the 2013 federal election, and No Signal, which will reflect on the ambiguous role of contemporary art in the hinterland of globalized late capitalism.